We support the generation of innovative ideas from the crowd

We offer a crowdsourcing platform to support the generation of innovative ideas from different groups of individuals, and in parallel to stimulate dialogue and discussion among all parties involved in the process.

Our research focuses on using crowdsourcing for innovation, more specifically for idea generation and for idea selection. Innovation has now become a more democratic process for many organisations; through the use of the internet, ideas can now come from anyone, and not only inside the organisation. Ideas are considered valuable, but there is a need for organisations to understand their value and to remain open to the requests of the external world.

Approaching the crowd and using it to gather contributions can help organisations identify solutions to various challenges. Searching a solution to a specific problem and relying on the combined knowledge of many people, when conditions are prescribed properly, may be a more effective method than the use of experts.

  • What is it?

    A crowdsourcing platform to collect and evaluate people's ideas

  • Who is it for?

    Organisations seeking to innovate

  • Why use it?

    Easy to install, crowdsourcing platform that supports innovation

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Our services span the full cycle of crowdsourcing. We start from analysing your innovation needs, and we continue by supporting the design, deployment, management, promotion, and evaluation of your crowdsourcing campaigns.
Open source crowdsourcing platform

We offer the CIPTEC crowdsourcing platform as open source. We will soon open the source code in our Github account. Please contact us if you want to have access to this source code.

On demand crowdsourcing services

We analyse, design, setup and manage your crowdsourcing initiative. Contact us and let us know your needs so that we can jointly implement a successful crowdsourcing campaign.


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